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Oscar Brenifier

Oscar Brenifier, holds a Bachelor of biology degree (University of Ottawa) and a PhD in Philosophy (Paris IV – Sorbonne). For many years, in France as well as in the rest of the world, he has been working on the concept of ‘philosophical practice’, both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. He is one of the main promoters of the project of philosophy in the city, organizing philosophy workshops for children and adults and philosophy cafés, working as a philosophy consultant, etc. He has published about thirty books in this domain, including the ‘Philozenfants’ series (Editions Nathan), which has been translated into over twenty-five languages. He founded the Institut de Pratiques Philosophiques (Institute of philosophical practice), to train practical philosophers and organize philosophy workshops in various places: schools, media centres, old people’s homes, prisons, social centres, firms, etc. He is one of the authors of the UNESCO report: “Philosophy, a school of freedom”. 

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International English Winter Seminar 2017

“Practicing Philosophy”

 Argenteuil – France

February 27th – March 4th, 2017

The Institute of Philosophical Practice is organizing its regular « International winter seminar » in English on philosophical practice. It will take place in Argenteuil, a close suburb of Paris.

Some among the different issues on which the seminar will focus are the following. 

Philosophy in business and organization: how to think together, how to evaluate individuals through philosophical tools.

Philosophical consultation: art of questioning, obstacles to philosophical inquiry, problematization. 

Philosophy with children: creating exercises for the classroom, working on attitudes and competencies.

Personal development: self-consciousness through philosophical exercise. 

Argumentation: argumentation problems, evaluating arguments.

In this context, philosophy is not an academic activity centered on the history of ideas, and one does not come simply to narrate what he does in his home country, but get acquainted with the many ways of philosophizing, as an activity constitutive of the mind and the self. Philosophy with children, philosophical consultation, philosophy workshops, Socratic dialogue, etc., one is introduced to the many forms and variants of such an endeavor. It is not so much knowledge that is at stake here, but acquiring and developing skills. How to conceptualize, how to problematize, how to deepen understanding of given ideas, and especially how to create a situation where this activity can be induced, are the main focus of the work.

Philosophers, philosophy professors or practicing philosophers who wish to present their methodology during the seminar are invited to forward by electronic mail their proposal, before December 31st, 2016.

It should primarily take the form of workshops, not lectures. These proposals can deal with the various aspects of philosophical practice. 

The purpose of this seminar is to exchange, discover, experiment and develop practices. This seminar does not require previous philosophical training. It can be an initiation to philosophical practice, or a deepening of the activity. Participants come from different parts of the world, and join for professional or personal reasons, in order to work on a practice that is applicable to many contexts: teaching children or adults, management, individual consultation, N. G. O. activities

The duration will be almost a week, from February 27th until March 4th, 2017, and the cost will be 600 Euros, including the workshops, food and accommodation in a private room. For people who are on a tight budget, this can be reduced to 350 Euros if you accept “camping style” accommodation. Our Institute can accept some people free of charge who have financial difficulties, but are highly motivated.

You can read theoretical texts and watch videos of the practice on the following websites – English section:

For more information, write to Isabelle Millon at the following address: 


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The practice of philosophy with children

PHILOSOPHIZE WITH CHILDRENThe idea of practicing philosophy with children is considered rather surprising, since young adults who have to engage in it already have a difficult time with this strange activity. The author of this book wonders in an opposite manner: When you are eighteen, is it not almost too late to start philosophizing? To philosophize it to learn to think, to think consciously, by oneself, through the others, it is to deepen and to analyze ideas and problems. Throughout this book, many practical and theoretical suggestions are provided for the teacher or the parent who thinks that it is never too early too learn how to think, who believes that the questioning of the child should be valued and encouraged.

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Learning to philosophize with Nasreddin Hodja

Nasreddin_ENGTales are traditionally a way to transmit wisdom and make everyone think. This is definitely the case with Nasreddin Hodja, a hero known throughout the Muslim world for his absurd, caricatural and hilarious narrations. Each story carries some kind of problematic about human existence, actions or behavior, about the order of the world and epistemological issues. In this book, we present twelve narrations bearing on problems such as being and appearance, truth and pretention, knowledge and ignorance, choosing and responsibility, etc. Each one will be followed by a philosophical analysis and two series of questions in order to meditate: understanding questions and reflection questions. Finally, an exercise that bears on the particular theme. An exciting philosophical adventure for either children or adults.

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Training at distance with I.P.P

For those who are interested in training in philosophical practice with the I.P.P., this is now possible at distance through the utilization of the Skype technique and by proposing diverse exercises. Anyone willing to engage in such a program can contact us at: The work can take place either on an individual or group basis. We have already an extended network of practitioners holding mutual sessions, indifferent languages, like French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc.