Our program contains three levels of training. 

Each level is composed of 10 sessions, with three levels of the program: Initial, Advanced, Confirmation. A session has a duration of 90 minutes, done on a weekly basis, with a homework assignment. Therefore there are a total of 10 weeks for each program level. 

Each week, you have an exercise to do to continue the work that we did during the session. It allows you to learn how to think and to work by yourself, in addition to the work with the tutor.

The purpose of these sessions is to develop different philosophical competencies (argumentation, questioning, problematization, conceptualization, interpretation…), in order to develop a more objective thinking. We also work on subjective thinking, which is more related to the client’s difficulties and way of thinking. This allows us to recognize our clients’ problems and difficulties and make them more aware of their own thinking.

Program Levels

Initial program: Level one is a first approach to the practice. Each session develops a philosophical competency, as well as a work more psychological on the client (difficulties to think, main issues etc.)

Advanced program: Level two is more focused on practical training itself, since it invites the student to practice the competencies by putting himself into the place of the philosopher, and not only remain as a passive subject. The student learns how to work with a client and how to develop some adequate philosophical skills, but keeps a strong coaching assistance.

Confirmation program: Level three invites the student to be a philosopher himself, and to practice with a guest (simulation of practice), in order to get used to work with real clients. So the student works with a new individual each week on a specific competency, from a different exercise. This person can be found by us or by the student.  It is a bit like the first training, except that the student is no longer the subject, but the philosopher. Then, we give feedback and comments on the student’s work (one hour of session, 30 minutes of feedback and comments).

At this end of the three level program, you should be able to:

  • Follow a logical approach.
  • Exercise strong critical thinking.
  • Analyze the behavior and the answers of clients.
  • Identify presuppositions based on any statement.
  • Form strong argumentation.
  • Understand better philosophical texts.
  • Question a client with a Socratic approach (maieutics).
  • Distinguish the work of objective and subjective reflection.
  • Conceptualize.
  • Practice flexibility of paradigms.

One can participate in one training level without doing all three. In addition, our trainings are rather flexible, and it is possible to adapt the exercises to your needs and desires. For example, we offer the same program, but intensive, on a daily basis.  But this is rather intense, since it includes homework as well. This is why we ask our clients to tell us what they look for and what they expect from these trainings (if there is one specific goal, which is not necessarily the case), in order to offer them the most appropriate training.  Training in all three levels concerns mainly the persons who wish to be trained as philosophical practitioners in order to propose their services.

We propose to the persons who are curious and interested to attend one session in order to observe and understand better our work.

For more information, write to Leila: leila.millonbierre@hotmail.com.