Our team

Oscar Brenifier

Oscar Brenifier, PhD in Philosophy (Paris IV – Sorbonne), is the co-founder of the Institute of Philosophical Practices. For many years, in France as well as in the rest of the world, he has been working on building the concept of philosophical practice, both from a theoretical and practical viewpoint. He has published around fifty books in this area for children and adults. His specialties are philosophical consultation, philosophy for children, didactics of philosophy and business philosophy. He is one of the authors of the UNESCO report: “Philosophy, a school of freedom”.

Isabelle Millon

Isabelle is a philosophy practitioner specialized in philosophy for children and education, director of the Institute of Philosophical Practices that she co-founded, researcher and author of books for teenagers and adults. For more than twenty years, Isabelle has been working on the development of critical thinking as philosophical practice, holding workshops and seminars all over the world, focusing more on pedagogical projects in schools with teachers and learners, training of groups to critical thinking, essentially teachers and people involved in social, political and cultural domains.

Leila Millon

Leila grew up in philosophical practice. She has been assisting to many seminars, workshops, and different sorts of philosophical work, and has become a practitioner herself since five years. She studied music since young age, and graduated from UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) in music and singing. She lives an artistic life where she combines both music and philosophy. Main specialization: philosophical consulting, practitioners trainings, and art & thinking.

Sara Dorrego

Sara is a philosophy practitioner. She’s part of the team of the  Institute of Philosophical Practices (France), and at its Spanish branch, Taller de Prácticas Filosóficas. She has incorporated philosophical practice as a lifestyle and trains people internationally, in Spanish and English, in the development of critical thinking through philosophical competencies, as well as to become philosophical consultants or workshop facilitators. She holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Granada.

Viktoria Chernenko

Viktoria holds an MA in cultural and historical psychology, she is a PhD student in philosophy, a philosophy practitioner, editor and author of books. Creator of Institute of Thinking and Dialogue. Viktoria has been practicing philosophy for 10 years and conducts seminars and individual consultations in 30 countries. Main specialization: philosophical consulting, philosophy in business, the art of interpretation.

Mathias Tistelgren

Mathias is a teacher who holds master’s degrees in philosophy, the Swedish language and English literature, and for the past 15 years he has been teaching these subjects to high school students. He now combines this with his work as a philosophical practitioner where he gives workshops as well as individual training sessions focused on philosophical skills such as questioning, argumentation, problematization, conceptualization and interpretation. He particularly likes to use stories and philosophical texts as tools for thinking.