Individual tutoring online

For those wishing to train in philosophical practice, the Institute of Philosophical Practices offers individual training, online, using Zoom or Skype and Google Docs. It is a program of ten weekly sessions, 90 minutes, accompanied by individual work, with a philosopher practitioner. The goal is to discover and practice different philosophical skills: to practice argumentation, analysis, conceptualization, problematization, etc.
The program is built on various themes.

For example:

  • reflections around a Buddhist tale.
  • Interpretation of a Chekhov story.
  • How to problematize with questions.
  • Study of texts by Nietzsche, Spinoza and Hegel.
  • How to do a self-consultation.
  • How to evaluate someone based on their answers to a series of questions.
  • Interpretation of a Raphael painting.

Written work

For those who do not wish to work via Skype, we also offer a written online training program.

Just like for audiovisual tutoring, you will be assigned a philosopher practitioner, who will send you regular exercises, followed by a rapid feedback on the work done.

This can take different forms:

  • In marathon, daily, intensive (for 15 days or one month)
  • In a more leisurely way, 1 or 2 times a week (time to be determined).

For example: You receive an exercise on Monday. For Thursday, the exercise must be done. In less than a day, the tutor evaluates the exercise, and sends you a new one, which must be returned for the following Sunday.

The exchange can take place on the platform of your choice (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber etc.), although the best is to work directly on a Google doc.

The work can take place in two ways: either by theme (philosophical texts, stories, musical works, paintings and others.) It is also possible to propose a theme. The second option is a work on philosophical skills (arguing, problematizing, conceptualizing, evaluating, interpreting, questioning, presupposing).

Group training

For those wishing to train in philosophical practice, the Institute of Philosophical Practices offers group training of 10 sessions, online, using Skype and Google Docs.

The work will be similar to the individual sessions – weekly, for 90 minutes, with a homework in between. But you will learn in small groups, between 2 and 10 people. The number of people will depend on the fee you can afford. This work is therefore much less expensive than a one-on-one  format.

Each week a philosopher works with one person on an exercise and others observe and then discuss the method. Each person will have a chance of being a client for an individual session and will be able to see sessions with others. The advantage of such a way of working is that you can see better the method of working, learn how to use google doc in the sessions with clients, how to work with them using thinking exercises, etc.

Anyone interested can ask to watch the video of a session in order to better understand the work.

 These courses can be held in different languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
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