Institute of Philosophical Practices
Oscar Brenifier, philosophy practitioner
  • Existential panda

    Existential panda

    22 Nov 2017 Off Comments

    For some, life is hard. Because their daily lives are particularly heavy, because they are too sensitive, because they lack energy, because they are too tense. They are tired, of life, of their daily life, but especially of their coming to birth. Is it...

  • Laughter


    25 Sep 2017 Off Comments

    Rigoletto is a court jester. Hunchbacked, ugly, a deformed body. He is a widow, after many years still mourning the loss of his cherished wife, irreplaceable. And when his daughter Gilda, the only beloved one, questions him about his origin, family or...

  • Being someone

    Being someone

    02 Aug 2017 Off Comments

    Macbeth, thane of Glamis, heroically won the battle over an army of rebels, loyally comforting the power of King Duncan. But horrid ghosts always haunt the soul of men. In this case represented by three witches, who predict to our hero that he will become...

  • Soul


    13 Jul 2015 Off Comments

    They have no soul. They are proud of it. Their illness stands forth as identity and status.

  • Relationships


    12 Jul 2015 Off Comments

    Relationships always end up badly.  Either with break up or with death.

  • Ephemeral


    11 Jul 2015 Off Comments

    Things work until the moment they do not work any more. Let’s take advantage of it.

  • Language


    10 Jul 2015 Off Comments

    We do not speak the same language. It is no doubt the best reason to speak. Or to avoid each other.

  • Sacred


    09 Jul 2015 Off Comments

    I am who I am. But do not set your eyes on me. As everything sacred, I am fragile.